Describe a moment in your life where, like Marner’s discover of SOFT GOLD, you have been equally surprised into a totally new appreciation of things.

Georg Elliot cleverly uses the character of silas marner to convey a profound message about value, truth and wealth. In the novel, Silas looses his physical (earthly) gold but in exchange stumbles upon a far more valuable gold, soft gold (Eppie). I found it powerful how Eliot uses gold to represent a physical wealth and Eppie as a symbolic wealth. Although he had lost what he perceived at the time to be a fortune, he gained something allot more valuable through Eppie. Elliot shows how the dynamic relationship between the two to be of far more value then that of material possession. I believe Elliott’s message is furthermore profound and engaging as it can be related to various aspects of the real world. The whole concept of sacrifice for gain, or that through pain and suffering something good is born, is a concept I strongly abide in, which is why I chose to answer this question.

Another powerful concept that George Elliot touches upon through the medium of Silas Marner, is perception. Silas perceived the gold he owned as his true happiness. He perceived it to be a source of wealth, happiness and prosperity. It was only when he lost that physical wealth for a true wealth (Eppie), that he was able to perceive things properly and as they are. It was through his loss of supposed wealth that he was able to truly appreciate and touch true “Soft” wealth.

The greatest message I get from this is that if someone is willing to be teachable and change their perception towards something, they will open up new doors of opportunity in places that are unexpected.

A prime example of something I have gained an appreciation towards is Shakespearian literature. It was once something that I despised and had little respect towards, but after unpacking his literature in class with Michael, and after day trips to the gallery and library, my veiw has completely changed. I always veiwed the reading of shakespeare as a laborious and boring task of no relevance at all however now I find my self appreciating the beauty of his plays. By no means am I obsessed or completely dedicated to shakespeare, but I have a profound respect to his talent as a writer and the meaning that he is able to capture in his works.


Eppie’s golden hair aka Soft Gold. 



2 thoughts on “Seventh 19th Century Literature Blog post (Week 10, Monday 8th of May)

  1. Jesse, I thought your blog post this week was very thought-provoking and interesting. I, too agree with the idea that George Elliot uses the Characters in Silas Marner as a way of critiquing the value of material wealth in comparison to true wealth, in which Silas finds in his relationship with Eppie. The inclusion of your discovery of Shakespearean literature was fascinating and something I am yet to experience. One thing I would suggest is proof-reading your blog post before publishing as there were a couple of typos and grammatical errors which could have easily been prevented, specifically the capitalisation of proper nouns such as Silas Marner in the first line and Shakespeare in the last paragraph. Aside from this, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog post this week. Well done!


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